Oracle Project Agreement Api

Hello Krish, unless you are using a 3rd part project system, then it might be worth looking at the More4Apps software suite, there are solutions to do all of the above, pre-built from Excel for your end user. PA_PROJECTS_PUB can be used to create your projects and tasks, but you must respect all mandatory key members and other quick-entry elements, as you must integrate them. The API is very bad at reporting some errors in multi-line objects. You can use either the composite procedure or the load/execute/fetch procedure in the API. There are many errors and omissions that require workarounds. This is a very complex area and many obstacles need to be overcome. If you try to rebuild without a good knowledge of the project module, it will be a difficult task for you and expensive for your client. Baselining does not cause billing events to be established. PA_EVENTS_PUB is used to create billing events. It`s simpler without significant errors. As far as tasks are concerned, the situation is even more complex. Is the work order structure activated? If so, is the financial structure shared with the structure of the work? Is the version enabled? You may be able to publish the new tasks or not use them.

We receive data from another system. Please provide a sample code for the above requirement. If your solution can use MS-Excel for loading, the recommendation on using More4Apps is based on more than 16 years of development with the project module APIs. Be very skeptical of all those who say that a simple replacement of the web ADI can solve your problems and eliminate all this complexity for you. As for the code, there are many references on the Internet that are posted by our gurus. For more information, please see the api projects B34956_01 guide. This will help you use the APIS. There are public APIs for all these people. You can use the API Wizard software to work seamlessly with these public APIs without programming, i.e. no need for code. Then create agreements and funding lines with PA_AGREEMENT_PUB…

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