Bristol Community College Articulation Agreements

The Postal University currently accepts loans from various institutions in Connecticut, Rhode Island, Georgia and Washington. Earlier this month, Post confirmed its joint agreement with Bridgeport, the CT-based Housatonic Community College, for its criminal law program. Scholarships are available for BCC graduates who move to four years of university and university. To qualify, students must apply and be admitted to the four-year university. Most scholarships require at least a G.P.A. of 3.0. A list of transfer scholarships and application criteria are available at Bristolcc/transfer. Lesley University, a small private university in Cambridge, MA, also offers university courses in downtown New Bedford at the Demello International Center. Students can obtain a highly flexible degree in liberal studies, which allows them to customize their own field of study, or choose from degrees in psychology, human services or business management.

Lesley started her courses in January 2019 and has already celebrated her first 8 graduates of this course! It is built with active students and working in the eye, so it is accessible, comfortable and highly student-centered. Lesley`s degree in New Bedford was also greatly reduced, making him competitive with state institutions. We take students every 8 weeks, so it`s never too late to apply. “This articulation agreement is valuable in that it expands opportunities for a-state students who wish to continue their postal studies,” said John L. Hopkins, President and CEO of the Postal University. “We are very pleased to be with Bristol Community College and look forward to welcoming new students from Massachusetts in the years to come.” Learn more about the more than 90 programs, MassTransfer opportunities, articulation agreements and the Bristol Plus program. Visit Zoom for information on the transfer of your BCC credits, your application procedures and your scholarship opportunities. Some of the colleges that have transferred BCC students are: The new transfer agreements between the School of Continuing Education (SCE) and Bristol Community College (BCC) facilitate BCC students who have obtained a BCC degree associated with their Liberal Or Fire Science degree through the SCE. Bristol Community College Transfer Services would welcome you to our virtual office! Until we can see you on campus again, we`ll be happy to work with you by phone, email and online appointments. To contact us during normal business hours:Phone: 774.357.2234E-Mail: transfer@bristolcc.eduAppointment: To request a virtual appointment from a transfer advisor, send an email with with the time and dates you want, as well as a description of what you want to discuss. We hope you`ll find our valuable online tools and resources no matter where you are! Check out our website to learn more about MassTransfer, transfer agreements, the university application process and more. Most senior institutions expect an average of 2.5 degrees for transfer students.

Students under the age of 2.5 may change, but they may have difficulty entering the college of their choice. Most colleges do not accept “D” grades. Bristol`s Transfer Services provides you with the transfer advice you need to continue your training at four-year colleges and universities. Resources and services include up-to-date information on transfers and scholarships, application assistance, transcript exams and consultations. Special transfer programs are available to help you achieve your educational goals. By enrolling in a transfer program, you can earn the first two years of your four years of study at the OCC and enjoy the benefits of affordable tuition while you receive excellent training. Some career programs may also be transferred. Our service transfer office helps you get credits where the credit is due, so you can transfer the maximum number of your BCC credits to the college of your choice.

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