Agreement Between Owner And Contractor For Construction Philippines

9. That the reserve guarantee be released no later than two (2) weeks after the acceptance of the renovation carried out by the owner. 2. The contractor shall be responsible for the purchase of materials, the recruitment of staff, coordination with the architect and the owners with regard to the design details and the approval of the materials. 5. That construction begins on January 1, 20__ This agreement, concluded on January 8, 2015 between southern philippines medical center, with its address at Bajada, J.P. Laurel, Davao City (hereinafter referred to as “ENTITÄT”) and RIEZL LANDCARE & CONSTRUCTION, with its registered office in Cor. Mamsa-Tulingan Street Brgy was hit. Wilfredo Aquino, Agdao District, Davao City (hereinafter referred to as “CONTRACTOR”). Waterproof to all wetlands with Hygard, Thoroseal or an authorized equivalent Manufacture and install plywood countertops with a massive surface material of 12mm. Republic of the PhilippinesDEPARTMENT OF HEALTHCenter for Health Development Davao RegionSOUTHERN PHILIPPINES MEDICAL CENTERJ.P. Laurel Avenue. Davao City 8.

That 10% of the payments to the contractor are withheld by the owner as a guarantee for the completion of the work. 7. That the owner agrees to pay 30% of the contract price at least 5 working days before the scheduled start date in the form of a deposit and the balance of 70%, payable in equal weekly payment on the basis of the date of signature until the expected completion of the project. Any additional fees must be paid as required. CONSIDERING that all the work of this project, as covered by this contract, must be completed within 180 calendar days (one hundred and eighty) in accordance with the provisions of the offer documents. Design and install power lines, pipes, boxes, circuit breakers, convenience outlets and power supply for appliances, panels and telephone lines Install high-density polypropylene (PP-R) pipes for water pipes. Manufacture of 3mm metal decorations in antique finish Install pencil luminaires, special drop lamps, recessed luminaires, halogen directional lamps and other electrical requirements, as shown on the plans. 3. That the contractor finalizes and leaves this coffee at the price of the mentioned contract and in accordance with the plans and specifications, install a polyvinyl (PVC) tube for the sewer and waste line with solvent cement joint (ASTM D2564) 1.

That the contractor agrees to complete / renovate ABC COFFEE SHOP at the price of the Pesos contract: 000,000.00 (amount in words). Install suspended ceiling beam systems, as shown on reflected ceiling plan 4. . . .

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